OpenNMS On the Horizon – Config API, OIA, Time-Series, Netflow, Telemetryd, Flows, Traps, WSman, Docs, Syslog, Kafka, UI, ReST, Vue, Geomaps, Cortex, Helm, OpenAPI

Since last time, we worked on the config API, OIA, the time-series API, Netflow debugging, Telemetryd config, the flow classification rule parser, trap OID handling, WSman config validation, documentation, syslog hostname resolution, asynchronous node processing in Kafka, UI cleanups, opennms.js, ReST fixes and updates, Vue gomaps and UI proof-of-concept, Cortex flows in Helm, and OpenAPI documentation.

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OpenNMS On the Horizon – Elasticsearch, Docs, Syslog, Flows, Cortex, Time-Series, Config Management, gRPC, Liquibase, Vue, Helm

Since last time, we worked on Elasticsearch bulk updating, tons of documentation improvements, syslog message processing, flow classification, Cortex in Nephron, time-series tag handling, the new config management API, gRPC support in the twin API, tests, internal stats, Liquibase, Vue UI and geomap, scheduled outages, and Helm.

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OpenNMS On the Horizon – January 27th, 2020

OpenNMS On the Horizon – Bug Fixing, Graph Service, Off-Heap Storage, Documentation, and More! It's time for OpenNMS On the Horizon! In the last couple of weeks we merged a number of new features that have been in the works for a while (graph API, off-heap storage), fixed a bunch [...]

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OpenNMS Meridian 2018.1.14 (Earthquake) Released

Release 2018.1.14 is a small update to 2018.1.13 that fixes a few bugs including a fix to syslog date parsing, Drools fixes, and a few other changes. The codename for 2018.1.14 is Earthquake. Bug Syslog incorrect dates being parsed into database (Issue NMS-10605) Cannot use poller:poll karaf command with WsManMonitor [...]

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