Network management is hard- the technical experts at the OpenNMS Group are ready to help make it easier. Because our support staff is always in contact with the development team, they can find the solution to your problem faster than anyone else.

Support Options


Available to Meridian customers, the Prime support option covers unlimited support issues for one year. Prime support includes 3 support contacts.

Response Times

  • Severity 1 (Critical): 4 hours
  • Severity 2 (Urgent): 4 hours
  • Severity 3 (Non-Urgent): 24 hours


Our ULTRA package combines higher response levels, development support, and a dedicated OpenNMS consultant. Optional support for Horizon with longer response times. Ultra support includes 5 support contacts

Response Times

  • Severity 1 (Critical): 1 hour
  • Severity 2 (Urgent): 1 hour
  • Severity 3 (Non-Urgent): 4 hours

Product Comparison




Meridian Meridian or Horizon

Response Time

7am - 7pm EST
Business Days
7am - 7pm EST
Business Days

Development Support

No Yes
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