Stability meets Open Source

Developed for enterprises and businesses looking for stable platforms with long term support, OpenNMS Meridian is offered as a subscription-based monitoring solution.

Why should I buy Meridian?

Keeping up with the rapid release cycle of an open source project can be taxing, especially if your IT staff already juggle many roles. Since only the most stable and secure features are released with Meridian, it is much easier to maintain and use without the headache of rapid upgrades and releases.

  • Always open source: offered under the AGPLv3 open source license

  • Optional proprietary license available

  • Annual subscription per management server


  • One subscription per management server
  • Reduced cost for additional subscriptions

Tailored for enterprise needs

We combined the experience of the development, consulting, and support teams to create a version of OpenNMS with best practice configurations out of the box.

Meridian options and opportunities

  • Access to the OpenNMS Connect forums

  • Prime support

  • Advanced configurations out of the box

  • Preconfigured reports, notices, and workflows

  • Customized GUI

  • Access to update server for latest bug fixes and performance enhancements

Need a proprietary license? No problem!

Do the powers that be require that you use proprietary software? We can work with that. Just let us know and we can offer Meridian under a proprietary license. It's the same product and you will still have access to the code. #bosspleaser

Prime Support

Available only for Meridian, Prime Support covers unlimited support issues for one year.

  • Optional 24/7 support add on

  • Work directly with the creators