Horizon 24 Released!

Horizon 24 introduces ALEC, the first open source AIOps platform for learning enabled correlation. Horizon 24 also includes over 100 key updates, including streaming telemetry, network traffic analysis and support for Java 11.
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Developed for enterprises and business looking for a stable network management platform with long term support, OpenNMS Meridian is a stable version of OpenNMS released on an 12 to 18 month interval.

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OpenNMS On the Horizon – July 16th, 2019 – CI Updates, Flows, UI and Reporting, and Bugfixes!

July 16th, 2019|0 Comments

Between the July 4th holiday in the US, and then personal vacation, this one’s getting out pretty late. Luckily, no one did anything while I was out. :grimacing: OK, fine, in the last couple of weeks we did a bunch more improvements to continuous integration, continued to work on flow fixes and updates, fixed a bunch of UI bugs and wrapped up some reporting updates, plus a bunch of other stuff.