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Time Series DB

OpenNMS Time Series DB is a cloud-based time series storage service offered by OpenNMS for Meridian deployments. It replaces the need for infrastructure and maintenance for an on-prem time series data storage solution.

Cloud-based time series storage

Simplify your OpenNMS deployment with cloud-hosted Time Series DB from OpenNMS. Instead of managing your storage backend, which can be tedious, time-consuming, and complicated, you can host your time series data in our highly available, secure, and elastically scalable cloud service.

With OpenNMS Time Series DB, you can reduce the administrative overhead of local, high-volume storage systems while still retaining a comfortable level of control with the ability to bifurcate your time series storage—keeping all or a strategic subset of data locally.

Time Series DB is one step closer to a world where monitoring just happens.

Diagram of how OpenNMS Tim Series DB works and is authenticated with an OpenNMS Meridian deployment.

Features & benefits

Scale & resource elasticity

Spend less time administering your time series storage solutions. Time Series DB scales with you—up and down—as your business's infrastructure demands change. Ready to add more monitoring locations? Storage is ready and waiting.

Perfect for containers

For containerized Meridian deployments, Time Series DB is the perfect companion. It removes the complexity of orchestrating and maintaining highly available block storage or Newts Cassandra clusters. Get the flexibility of containerized OpenNMS deployments—leave your scalable, fault-tolerant, time series data persistence to us.

Bifurcated storage capability

Time Series DB offers the ability to store your data on-prem as well as in the cloud. If you want redundancy as a backup scenario or only need to store a small subset of data locally, the decision is yours.

Meridian subscription: Beyond support


Get support from real people—the engineers building and contributing to the OpenNMS community.


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Trust that patches and updates are robust and verified to ensure uptime, availability, and continuity.


Get access to official services, repositories, & registries, so you can trust the bits and bytes you deploy.

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