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OpenNMS Horizon

Horizon is an open source solution that helps you visualize and monitor everything on your local and remote networks. It offers comprehensive fault, performance, traffic monitoring, and alarm generation in one place. Highly customizable and scalable, Horizon easily integrates with your core business applications and workflows.

Features include remote data collection, application perspective monitoring, alarm correlation, scalability, business service monitoring, and comprehensive management of inventory, faults, alarms, events, performance, and traffic.

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Past Releases

Horizon 33: OpenShift support and a better way to view nodes

We’ve continued our Helm Chart compatibility effort by adding support for the RedHat OpenShift containerized environment, delivering greater flexibility in the Horizon install and upgrade process. We’ve also upgraded our node list to enable data search, filter, sort and export to deliver a custom view of nodes of interest.

New in Horizon 33: February 14, 2024

Helm charts improvements and OpenShift compatibility

We’ve improved our Helm charts for Kubernetes featured in Horizon 32 and made them compatible with OpenShift to simplify the deployment process further. Rather than needing to provision a virtual machine or physical system, users can run the Helm chart to deploy the software to a Kubernetes or OpenShift environment in a highly scalable, easily upgradable process.

Structured node list

Our user experience team has developed a modern, easier-to-use display for browsing and reviewing your monitored node inventory. The updated, structured list lets users perform enhanced data display, search, filter, and export.

The main display shows a paginated table of nodes corresponding to the current search and filtering parameters. You can sort most of the columns in ascending or descending order.

You can choose from 10, 20, or 50 entries per page, navigate among pages, or go to the start or end of the currently filtered set.

Other changes and improvements

  • Support for metadata DSL extends to more components, for greater monitoring flexibility and granularity. For a detailed list of Horizon components that now support metadata, see the release notes.

  • Admin password change prompt.