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OpenNMS Horizon

Horizon is an open source solution that helps you visualize and monitor everything on your local and remote networks. It offers comprehensive fault, performance, traffic monitoring, and alarm generation in one place. Highly customizable and scalable, Horizon easily integrates with your core business applications and workflows.

Features include remote data collection, application perspective monitoring, alarm correlation, scalability, business service monitoring, and comprehensive management of inventory, faults, alarms, events, performance, and traffic.

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Past Releases

Horizon 32: JDK17 and Helm

Horizon 32 is focused on better performance and usability—from improvements in Java to faster Kubernetes deployments, a major uplift in the Newts backend, and overall updates to behind-the-scenes packages.

New in Horizon 32

Java 17

Horizon 32 runs on Java 17, the newest long-term support version of the Java SE platform. Users will benefit from significant improvements in memory management, among other enhancements introduced since Java 11.

Helm chart for Kubernetes

Horizon 32 is the first release to work with a new, official set of charts for Kubernetes Helm.

These charts provide a stable base for users wishing to deploy Horizon in their own Kubernetes clusters rather than using the existing RPM and Debian / Ubuntu packages.

Other changes and improvements

  • Newts: DataStax driver for Cassandra updated to 4.x.
  • The Holt-Winters forecasting filter no longer depends on the R package and has been converted to Java.
  • Enhanced Linkd (Enlinkd) has been refactored, improving performance, fixing bugs, and adding a number of new features—most notably new Karaf command-line tools.
  • Poll status history is now enabled by default
  • And more...