Online Community

Online Chat

Use the web-based chat platform powered by Mattermost or join with IRC on and join "#opennms"

Discussion Board

Contact OpenNMS users in our community powered by Discourse.


Software Management

The OpenNMS project uses Atlassian's JIRA project management platform. We thank Atlassian for providing a no-cost license to the project.

Source Repository

The source code is managed by git and is hosted on GitHub. We also use a pull request driven approach to submit patches for bug fixes or enhancements.

Continuous Integration

The OpenNMS project is covered by a large test suite. For running test suites and build packages for deployment, we use CircleCI.

Meet Up


DevJam is a one week OpenNMS hack-a-thon with people from all over the world held annually.
*Virtual until further notice*

OpenNMS Users Conference

Meet up with other OpenNMS users and share your experience at our annual user conference in Europe.
*On hiatus*

Host a Local Meetup!

Find your own friends. Feel free to host a meetup of your own. Post it to the OpenNMS Discourse and tag @opennms on social media.