OpenNMS PoweredBy Agreement

We love open source. However, we understand that sometimes it's necessary to depart from the open source license. The OpenNMS Group offers a GPL-free distribution agreement for those who wish to incorporate OpenNMS into a proprietary software project.

PoweredBy Agreement Details

OpenNMS is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This license gives end-users various rights, but requires changes made to the code also be provided, with binaries, to anyone that requests the changes.

The OpenNMS group encourages the adoption of open source software; however, proprietary restrictions (i.e. trade secrets or patents) may limit other organizations’ ability to fully comply with the GPL.

  • Agreement for GPL-free distribution of OpenNMS code
  • Open source software redistribution guidance

Our PoweredBy team will assist with everything, including: open source license compliance, code management, engineering support of the Java and ReST APIs.

We will also assist with rebranding based on HTML, CSS, and SVG specifications.

  • Software support in QA
  • Developer support on HTML and CSS (rebranding)
  • Developer support on Java and ReST APIs
  • DevOps support on the build and packaging system

Using OpenNMS as a network management application can save months, if not years, of time compared to building a system from scratch.

We can even help by adding new features to OpenNMS to shorten the development cycle and maintain the continuity of your software.

  • Keeps distribution agreement up to date with each current stable release
  • Bug fix SLAs
  • Code management:
    • Automerge bug fixes from the community distribution
    • Selective merge of features from the community distribution
    • Continuous integration
    • Unit testing of your private branch
    • Private, Git, Maven, Apt, and Yum repos

Empowering Innovation

The PoweredBy agreement is designed for ISVs and OEMs needing to rapidly create a production EMS built on the OpenNMS network management platform. It permits distribution of OpenNMS under an ISV/OEM’s own commercial End User's License Agreement (EULA).

Client Stories

After evaluating several products, we found that OpenNMS was best in-class, complementing Junos Space by providing a highly scalable, full-featured and customizable fault and performance management capabilities.

- PoweredBy client, Juniper Networks