OpenNMS On the Horizon – Config Manager, Zabbix, Enlinkd, MikroTik, Twin API, SNMP, Docs, IFTTT, Flows, Vue UI, Geomaps

Since last time, we worked on the config manager API schemas, imports, validation, and editing, a proof-of-concept Zabbix agent plugin, Enlinkd optimization and MikroTik router support, the Twin API, SNMP improvements, documentation, IFTTT SSL handling, Flows, startup, related events, the featherDS Vue UI, and Vue geomaps.

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OpenNMS On the Horizon – April 6th, 2020 – BMP, Kafka, Documentation, CircleCI, Provisiond, Bug Fixes, and More!

It's time for OpenNMS On the Horizon! In the last week we did more CircleCI infrastructure work, continued to work on BMP features, did more documentation updates, and did a bunch of small feature work and bugfixing. Github Project Updates Internals, APIs, and Documentation Dustin, Christian, and Jesse continued their work on improvements to BMP integration. [...]

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