Which OpenNMS Distribution is right for you?

OpenNMS is delivered as two different, completely open source, distributions: Meridian and Horizon. Both are built from the same open-source code base, each with its own release cycle and available support options.

OpenNMS Horizon

Updated on a rapid release schedule, is freely available to download, and contains the newest features developed for the platform.

OpenNMS Meridian

For enterprises looking for a stable network management solution with long-term support.

Who should use Horizon

  • Organizations who want to try out the latest OpenNMS features as early as possible.

  • Groups developing a proof of concept or evaluating OpenNMS as a monitoring platform.

  • Sponsors of new features being developed by The OpenNMS Group.

Who should use Meridian

  • Organizations looking for long-term support for OpenNMS.

  • Anyone running OpenNMS in production environments.

  • Users looking for frustration-free updates and a more streamlined upgrade experience.