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I've started as an OpenNMS community member in 2004 and I'm working as a full-time contributor at the OpenNMS Group since 2015.

How to Monitor Processes With SNMP

SNMP Monitoring Monitoring processes that don't provide network services is a default use case in network monitoring. Because they aren't providing network services, black box testing won't work- you need an agent on your system providing an inside view of your operating system. SNMP monitoring can help. The Net-SNMP agent [...]

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Celebrate Open Source during Hacktoberfest 2022

Hacktoberfest is an annual, month-long celebration of open source software driven by Digital Ocean. During this event everyone can support open source by contributing changes, and earn some limited-edition swag. We would like to invite you to participate and contribute to the OpenNMS project. There are many ways to contribute: [...]

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OpenNMS joins Hacktoberfest 2021

There will be just one Hacktoberfest 2021 and it is coming soon! The OpenNMS community will participate and we are looking for contributors who want to join us in October. Hacktoberfest is an annual, month-long celebration of open source software driven by Digital Ocean. During this event everyone can [...]

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Come Discourse with OpenNMS!

The OpenNMS project was registered on 30th March 2000 on SourceForge and in these early days everyone talked about CVS or Subversion. Benjamin Reed migrated the project very early to git and this was a big change for our community, but it paid off so well. It made it [...]

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Send notifications with Signal

In some cases it is nice to have notifications from OpenNMS in a separate channel on a smartphone and you don't want to pay for SMS. Here is a tutorial where I use Signal using the signal-cli. This Howto will describe how to download the latest signal-cli tool, link it to your existing [...]

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How to build Docker images from branches

In OpenNMS we use Atlassian Bamboo which runs all our tests and build also the packages which can be installed on different operating systems. It plays an important role as quality gate for changes going into the code base. Our Bamboo is public available and can be seen by everyone. There are two type [...]

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iNOG and Ripe NCC Hackathon

Our UK OpenNMS ambassador, Craig Gallen, gave us a hint about a meeting from the Irish Network Operators Group (iNOG) followed by a 2 day Network Operators Tools Hackathon co-hosted by Ripe NCC. I've attended a few NOG meetings already and like the tech-driven and very friendly atmosphere. Luckily, The OpenNMS Group sponsored the trip [...]

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Running an OpenNMS Minion with Docker

Running a Minion with Docker is relatively easy, you just need to have Docker installed. It makes also updating the Minion very easy cause you can follow the tags latest for latest stable version or trying a bleeding snapshot. You can configure everything through environment variables. At a bare minimum you need something like [...]

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Running OpenNMS Horizon in Docker

Running applications in containers provides many benefits, and it's not just hype. Higher velocity to maintain changes while keeping a service available. Scaling your software by just spinning up more instances to handle load. Container images allow you to manage your application dependencies and link them all to a portable [...]

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PRIS Release and CI/CD Workflow

The current release workflow for PRIS and the Docker Container Images was driven by manual tasks. That means you have to push a "Release Button" which sets version numbers and triggers Docker Image builds. I have switched to a continuous delivery workflow. Every commit is a release and there is [...]

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