Hacktoberfest is an annual, month-long celebration of open source software driven by Digital Ocean. During this event everyone can support open source by contributing changes, and earn some limited-edition swag.

We would like to invite you to participate and contribute to the OpenNMS project. There are many ways to contribute: you can work on code or documentation. Generally speaking, any pull request in our GitHub repositories qualifies.

How to contribute

First, visit the Hacktoberfest website to register for the event. Second, contribute to any open source project.

Our software is developed under AGPLv3 on GitHub. You are welcome to contribute to any repository in this organization. The procedure on how we manage and track issues and deal with pull requests is described in our how to contribute guide in our Discourse forum. You will also find information on how to connect with people in our community for further questions and help.

You can freely create an account in our JIRA. We have collected some issues (marked quickwin or quickwindoc) in our issue tracker that are reasonable candidates to claim for the event. Claim a ticket by assigning it to your user name and click the "Start Progress" button.

Feel free to join our Mattermost chat server and pop in to the OpenNMS Development channel if you have any questions or want some guidance on where to start.

Hack the planet!

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About the Author: Ronny

I've started as an OpenNMS community member in 2004 and I'm working as a full-time contributor at the OpenNMS Group since 2015.
Published On: October 17th, 2022Last Updated: May 15th, 20231 min read