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OpenNMS Meridian is a highly scalable open source network management platform with network traffic analysis, network discovery, alerting, and monitoring.

It's a comprehensive solution to monitor enterprise network performance and ensure the availability and performance of your critical network services.

Meridian meets cloud

Meridian 2023 introduces new cloud services and containerization capabilities to simplify your network monitoring deployment and management.

Get more fine-grained observability of your network, so you know what's happening, where it's happening, and can anticipate potential issues. And you can keep track of changes across your network devices, including configurations over time.

Focus more on innovation and growth instead of intricate deployments and time-consuming maintenance. From data collection to triage to actionable insights and visualizations—Meridian is your scalable network monitoring hub.

network management
network management

OpenNMS does a better job of helping us manage our network, and requires less of our time to do it.

Dale Meyerhoffer | Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

network management

Features & benefits

Cloud-hosted time series

Optimized for OpenNMS metric collection and streaming telemetry, Time Series DB is a cloud service that provides everything you need to store and persist your performance metrics without maintaining software, managing hardware, or underutilizing resources.

Containerized Meridian

Reduce complexity for your container-centric environments. Deploy Meridian on Red Hat OpenShift—or your container platform of choice—to get the power and flexibility you need, without the overhead of traditional hardware and VM provisioning.

Zero-trust hardware appliance

The OpenNMS Appliance, previously only VM-based, is now available as physical hardware, custom built with security as a priority. The Appliance features a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), secure boot, and disk encryption to help prevent tampering and backdoors as part of OpenNMS's greater zero-trust initiative.

Custom NetFlow thresholding

Quickly analyze your flow data against threshold computations to detect and alert you to anomalies and changes in your network environment. Ensure network health and identify bandwidth-related issues, even as flow volumes increase.

Device configuration backup

Store and manage configurations for network devices, no matter how remotely distributed, natively within Meridian. Schedule automated config backups—or initiate as needed with a single click—view backup history, and compare configurations over time to address issues.

Plugin development API

Our official plugin API provides a stable base to extend the configuration of Meridian, consume its outputs, and expose expanded functionality. Get the flexibility you need in monitoring—build, validate, and assure compatibility with future Meridian releases.

Meridian subscription: Beyond support


Get support from real people—the engineers building and contributing to the OpenNMS community.


Security is everything. Major versions of Meridian go through third-party penetration testing and remediation before release.


With a subscription, you can trust that Meridian is continually updated to ensure its reliability.


A subscription gets you access to official repositories and registries, so you can trust the bits and bytes you deploy.

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