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Bonnie is manager of communications at The OpenNMS Group.

Celebrating International Girls in ICT Day 2023

Happy International Girls in ICT Day 2023! OpenNMS celebrates the importance of girls, women, and non-binary folk in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Last year, people on our team shared stories about the importance of access and safety in ICT. This year's theme is "Digital Skills for Life." Looking around [...]

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International Girls in ICT Day 2022: Access and Safety

We invited OpenNMS employees to share their own experiences in ICT as women, non-binary, those identifying as female, or allies. Read their stories. International Girls in ICT Day celebrates the importance of girls and women in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Since 2001, the International Telecommunication Union [...]

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How to: Contribute to OpenNMS

Submitting issues, fixing bugs, contributing features, enhancements, and extensions, writing documentation, or reporting security issues are all valuable ways that our community helps make OpenNMS a better monitoring platform. OpenNMS uses Jira to manage issue tracking and development. Once you have a Jira account and have signed the OpenNMS [...]

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How to: Store data with foreign sources

If you use Provisiond to populate all or part of your node database, you may want to define how data is stored so that it remains in the same directory even if a nodeID changes. Mark Mahacek, Senior Application Support Engineer at The OpenNMS Group, shares how to do this [...]

By |2021-08-05T20:59:18-04:00August 5th, 2021|

How to: Troubleshoot Minion Connectivity and Functions

The OpenNMS Minion includes useful, built-in commands to verify configuration and debug access to management agents. In this Discourse article, Ronny Trommer, Community/Product Manager at The OpenNMS Group, shows how to test connectivity with the Minion, perform a health check, execute a remote ping to arbitrary FQDNs or IP addresses, [...]

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New docs: Where to find them, why they’re better, and how to contribute

If you look at the OpenNMS documentation, you’ll notice a change. Yes, it has a more polished appearance thanks to our new corporate branding, but it also has improved content and functionality as a result of our recent migration from AsciiDoctor to Antora for building the documentation. Migrating the [...]

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How to: Set up Distributed Monitoring with OpenNMS

Large, distributed networks can be difficult to reach and monitor from a central location, with challenges like firewalls, network address translation (NAT) traversal, overlapping IP address ranges, and locked-down environments. The OpenNMS Minion component extends the reach of Horizon/Meridian, so you can monitor systems and networks that would otherwise be [...]

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How to: Sizing Cassandra or Scylla for Newts

When you want to store large amounts of non-aggregated data (such as performance metrics), the round robin database (RRDtool) in OpenNMS may not be enough. OpenNMS provides a time-series data store (Newts) that works with Apache Cassandra or ScyllaDB to group metrics for more efficient storage and retrieval. It removes [...]

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Coming October 2020: Meridian 2020!

Based on Horizon 26.1.3, here’s a preview of some of the features we’re excited to bring to Meridian 2020: Enriched Flows, Better Messaging with Kafka Configure flows to include node metadata before forwarding to Kafka so that you can aggregate flow data or integrate it with your own custom database [...]

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