Submitting issues, fixing bugs, contributing features, enhancements, and extensions, writing documentation, or reporting security issues are all valuable ways that our community helps make OpenNMS a better monitoring platform.

OpenNMS uses Jira to manage issue tracking and development. Once you have a Jira account and have signed the OpenNMS Contribution Agreement (OCA), you can start contributing. The basic workflow is as follows:

  • Identify the issue
  • Create a Jira ticket
  • Develop, develop, develop
  • Submit the patch to GitHub
  • Create a pull request (PR)
  • PR review by another developer/community member
  • Update patch based on review
  • Approve and merge PR

CircleCI, our continuous integration system, takes over, checking code for compile errors, running tests, and building and publishing all the packages for a release.

Learn more about how you can contribute in this Discourse article.

Jira-GitHub development workflow

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