Based on Horizon 26.1.3, here’s a preview of some of the features we’re excited to bring to Meridian 2020:

Enriched Flows, Better Messaging with Kafka
Configure flows to include node metadata before forwarding to Kafka so that you can aggregate flow data or integrate it with your own custom database to persist all flows.

New Kafka event and alarm publishing and the ability to configure communications using a single topic rather than one per module mean better and faster Kafka performance.

BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP) Functionality
Support for the BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP) in the streaming telemetry feature (telemetryd) allows for advanced monitoring and management, and provides a convenient way to monitor BGP routing information on the routing device.

Streamlined Web UI
Meridian 2020 marks the beginning of our long-term project to update the Web UI, starting with the navbar notification alert, a reorganized user menu, and new features in the requisitions UI.

Better Minion Operation in Containerized Environments
Easier configuration for Minions running in container environments like Docker, Kubernetes, or CRI-O, through a single entry point. Docker-specific Minion updates include 50% smaller Minion container sizes, native ICMP support for improved performance, and ARM support.

To learn more about Meridian 2020, contact [email protected].

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Bonnie is manager of communications at The OpenNMS Group.
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