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What’s the difference between Horizon and Meridian?

OpenNMS Meridian and Horizon are both fully open source and licensed under the AGPLv3. What's the difference? Meridian is an optimized, stable version of OpenNMS, via a subscription, that maximizes the platform’s value and minimizes the effort required to maintain it. Meridian is curated by The OpenNMS Group for production [...]

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Is there artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) available for OpenNMS?

OpenNMS ALEC (Architecture for Learning Enabled Correlation) is our framework that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to group related alarms so you can better manage the more complex situations they might represent. ALEC uses temporal clustering techniques, machine learning algorithms, and deep-learning technology with topology data to group related [...]

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What does one subscription per management server mean?

A subscription provides access to the software repository for initial installation and updates. Each instance of the software you are running requires one subscription. The instance places no limit on the number of users or the number of managed entities/elements.

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