What is Minion Virtual Appliance?

A Minion Virtual Appliance is a virtual device that runs the OpenNMS Minion component to collect data from distributed locations and forward them to your OpenNMS server. You can deploy, configure, and manage Minion appliances through the cloud-enabled OpenNMS Portal. See the Minion Appliance Data Sheet for more information.

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Is the Minion Virtual Appliance free?

Minion Virtual Appliance is a subscription-based service. The subscription includes the number of appliances you purchase and the right to access the Portal for one year. For more information, see the pricing page for details.

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How secure is the appliance portal?

We use Okta for user authentication into the OpenNMS Portal and Appliance Service. The Minion appliance allows only cryptographically signed software to run, which helps defend against unauthorized code, such as malware or unapproved applications. OpenNMS uses Docker Notary technology to sign our Minion software, and Ubuntu Core uses snap [...]

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