Time Series Database Integration

Traditionally, Meridian stores time series data in RRD files on disk or via Newts in Cassandra. Adding additional time series databases (TSDBs) with this implementation requires significant time and effort and a deep knowledge of how Meridian works.

The ever-increasing number of TSDBs on the market adds to the integration challenge.

diagram showing integration layers for OpenNMS Time Series Integration

Our new time series integration layer allows you to integrate any time series database via OSGi plugin. After enabling the time series integration layer, you can choose a plugin to write data to your prefered TSDB or write your own plugin.

By implementing a simple interface, you can connect any TSDB with Meridian. Build the plugin, copy it to the appropriate directory, and restart Meridian. Install the plugin via Karaf to start TDSB-Meridian communication.

For more information about time series integration and the time series plugin, see the user documentation and the readme file associated with each plugin.

Examples of time series plugins: