A support ticket can describe an incident report, problem, or issue with OpenNMS software. For each of these, we request that you open a ticket in the OpenNMS support portal (https://support.opennms.com). Our support team will triage the issue and decide the next course of action.

You may want to open a support ticket for any of the following scenarios:

  • You need help with an issue you found during an installation or upgrade.
  • You have a general question about something you encountered during the operation of the OpenNMS application.
  • You found a bug in our application.
  • You want to suggest an enhancement to our application.

To open a support ticket, log into the OpenNMS support portal at https://support.opennms.com. Once the OpenNMS support team receives a support ticket, they'll review and prioritize it to make sure it gets the proper attention. The ticket will then be assigned to a support agent who will start working on it and make sure it's resolved within the associated Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

If a support ticket requests a bug fix or an enhancement, it will be routed to the appropriate OpenNMS team for review and assessment. If a Jira ticket is created to handle this, that ticket number will be added to the support ticket as well. We'll provide a summary of the resolution on the ticket. Note that a bug fix will have an SLA associated with it, but an enhancement request does not.