OpenNMS On the Horizon – Elasticsearch, SNMP, CircleCI, Documentation, OpenBMP, Nephron, Minion, Flows, Helm

In the last week we worked on Elasticsearch indexing, malformed SNMP, CircleCI, documentation, OpenBMP migration, Nephron, Minion configuration, flow aggregation, and Helm.

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OpenNMS On the Horizon – Bugs, Nephron, OpenBMP, Geohashes, Prometheus, Minion, ToS/QoS

In the last week we released new Meridian and Horizon versions, and worked on a bunch of bugs, Nephron flow processing, moving BMP support in-core, node geohashes, the Prometheus collector, Minion configuration, ToS/QoS aggregation, and much more.

OpenNMS On the Horizon – Nephron, Provisiond, OpenBMP, sFlow, Netflow, TLS, CIFS, OpenNMS.js, Grafana, Topology

In the last week we did a bunch of work on nephron and flows, fixed a bunch of bugs including provisioning imports and CIFS, fixed timezone support in the Grafana database reports, and more.

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