It's time for OpenNMS On the Horizon! (Did I miss last week? Shhh! Too busy doing cool stuff. Probably.)

In the last week we did a lot of plumbing work in Provisiond, Telemetryd, and topology, as well as more documentation improvements, a Prometheus collector, and a Graphite telemetry adapter.

Github Project Updates

Internals, APIs, and Documentation

  • I did more work fixing up CircleCI workflows.
  • Bonnie did more work on beefing up core documentation.
  • Jesse fixed an issue with serialized objects and ActiveMQ.
  • Chandra worked on enhancing the metadata provided with response time resources in Kafka.
  • Chandra added a new event for when a Provisiond node scan starts.
  • Dustin did more work on replacing the remote poller.
  • Chandra and Jesse made some enhancements to flow aggregation.
  • Marcel worked on updating the JDBCQueryMonitor and SystemExecuteMonitor documentation.
  • Chandra did more work on adding OpenTracing support to Provisiond.
  • Jesse added a collector for applications instrumented with Prometheus.
  • Patrick worked on some updates to make sure only one interface is marked SNMP primary.
  • Pierre worked on additional confd options for the Minion.
  • Patrick updated node enrichment to work on OIA topology providers.
  • Patrick added tooltip support to the legacy topology provider.
  • Patrick worked on an ALEC provider for the new graph API.

Web, ReST, UI, and Helm

  • Chandra added a smoke test for the password change UI.
  • Chandra did work on restoring the universal search bar.


Thanks to all of the following contributors for committing changes since last OOH:

  • Benjamin Reed
  • Bonnie Robinson
  • Chandra Gorantla
  • Christian Pape
  • Dustin Frisch
  • Jesse White
  • Marcel Fuhrmann
  • Matthew Brooks
  • Patrick Schweizer
  • Pierre Bouffard
  • Ronny Trommer

Calendar of Events

May Releases - May 5th, 2020

The next OpenNMS release day is May 5th, 2020. Currently we expect point/bug fix releases of Meridian 2019 and Horizon 26.

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future OOH, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last OOH

  • HELM-238: Circuit breaker exception in Flow Deep Dive Dashboard
  • HELM-239: Too many buckets exception in Flow Deep Dive Dashboard
  • NMS-12374: Add opentracing support for Provisiond
  • NMS-12577: Prometheus collector
  • NMS-12645: Add selenium test for password change
  • NMS-12646: Re-enable Central Search functionality
  • NMS-12647: Update smoketests to support various Kafka compression codecs
  • NMS-12648: Bump ES version used in Smoke Tests
  • NMS-12653: Remove remote-poller runtimes from the build
  • NMS-12654: Update remote-poller model to link service to locations instead of individual RPs
  • NMS-12656: Aggregate flow metrics w/ stream processing
  • NMS-12658: Provisiond: Add NodeScanStarted event for scheduled scans
  • NMS-12661: Add more context to Response Time resources (Kafka Producer)
  • NMS-12663: Flow aggregation - alternate indices based on duration of time range filter
  • NMS-12671: BMP parse error for path attribute MP_UNREACH_NLRI
  • NMS-12673: Authenticated RCE vulnerability via ActiveMQ Minion payload deserialization
  • NMS-12674: Enable node enrichment for Topology providers comming from the Integration Api

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