Since last time, we did a ton of documentation updates, fixed the BouncyCastle SSL bug, updated some core dependencies, and made improvements in the time-series API, Minion health check, Nephron and flow processing, running as non-root, Helm, and the web UI.

Github Project Updates

Internals, APIs, and Documentation

  • Chandra and David fixed the bug with BouncyCastle causing TLS/SSL problems.
  • Patrick did more work on caching/performance improvements to the time-series API.
  • Jeff worked on some cleanups to Horizon/Meridian references in the documentation.
  • Mark made some improvements to the PSM and Prometheus collector docs.
  • Jane worked on creating a health check for checking Karaf bundle status.
  • Bonnie and Ronny did a bunch of work on improving the installation instructions.
  • Chandra continued to work on updating our Guava library to version 28.
  • Dustin worked on some additional flow debugging code.
  • Stefan did more work on tools for benchmarking flow processing performance.
  • Stefan worked on some improvements to Nephron to reduce garbage collection load.
  • I worked on changing OpenNMS to run as non-root by default.
  • Sean updated Kafka Components to 2.8.0.
  • Patrick worked on an enhancement to the time-series API to handle string properties.
  • Marcel worked on improving a bunch of detector documentation.

Web, ReST, UI, and Helm

  • Jane fixed the favicon to match the new branding.
  • Chandra and Jane worked on exposing health-check status over ReST on the Minion.
  • Mark made a "welcome" dashboard for Helm to ease getting started.
  • Christian did some CSRF improvements in a few web forms in the admin UI.
  • Mark worked on some other improvements to the flow deep dive dashboard in Helm.
  • Christian fixed a UI issue where some pages couldn't accept the alternate foreignSource:foreignId format when passing a node in.


Thanks to the following contributors for committing changes since last OOH:

  • Benjamin Reed
  • Bonnie Robinson
  • Chandra Gorantla
  • Christian Pape
  • David Schlenk
  • Dustin Frisch
  • Jane Hou
  • Jeff Gehlbach
  • Marcel Fuhrmann
  • Mark Mahacek
  • Patrick Schweizer
  • Ronny Trommer
  • Sean Torres
  • Stefan Wachter

Release Roadmap

June Releases

The next OpenNMS release day is July 6th, 2021.

We currently expect at least a Horizon 28.0.1 release.

Next Horizon: 29 (Q? 2021)

The next major Horizon release will be Horizon 29.

Horizon 28 has just come out, and we are still firming up what our focus is going to be for the 29 cycle.

Next Meridian: 2022 (Q? 2022)

With Meridian 2021 recently out, we do not yet have a specific timeline for Meridian 2022.
Expect it to include, at the very least, the JDK11 requirement and flow aggregation improvements from Horizon 28.


Note that this is just based on current plans; dates, features, and releases can change or slip depending on how development goes.

The statements contained herein may contain certain forward-looking statements relating to The OpenNMS Group that are based on the beliefs of the Group’s management as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to the Group’s management. These forward-looking statements are, by their nature, subject to significant risks and uncertainties.

...We apologize for the excessive disclaimers. Those responsible have been sacked.

Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti...

We apologise again for the fault in the disclaimers. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

Until Next Time…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future OOH, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last OOH

  • HELM-203: Documentation Improvements
  • NMS-13111: BouncyCastle breaks SSL support in OpenNMS
  • NMS-13132: Nephron: derive aggregations for hosts and applications from the conversation aggregation
  • NMS-13158: IP interface link in Response Time graph page is broken
  • NMS-13250: Proofread Basic Horizon Deployment
  • NMS-13264: Upgrade Kafka components to 2.8.0
  • NMS-13267: Doc update for PrometheusCollector parameters
  • NMS-13274: Minion: A programmatic means of obtaining health (alternate to 'opennms:health-check')
  • NMS-13277: PoC for Docker Content Trust
  • NMS-13281: Mark OIA Implementation for Timeseries as experimental
  • NMS-13287: Got Access Denied when viewing On-Call Role schedule
  • NMS-13292: Favicon of OpenAPI page need to be updated
  • NMS-13294: Meridian installation guide is incomplete
  • NMS-13308: Validate query parameters in snmpInterfaces.jsp
  • NMS-13309: Validate name parameter in DestinationWizardServlet
  • NMS-13310: Replace FlowTimestampPolicy by shipped CustomTimestampPolicyWithLimitedDelay
  • NMS-13311: Support Rest API on Minion & Enable health-check REST feature
  • NMS-13321: Docs should refer to Horizon / Meridian conditionally
  • NMS-13329: CLONE - DOC Branding: Icon in tab is still the old one
  • NMS-13333: Enumeration of DSCP values returns only 10 values
  • NMS-13336: Update conventions for text formatting

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