It’s time for OpenNMS On the Horizon!

In the last 2 weeks we fixed a bunch of bugs, improved tools for debugging running systems, updated docs, fixed Helm, and more!

Github Project Updates

  • Internals, APIs, and Documentation
    • Ronny worked on updates to our Docker images to use CentOS 8.
    • Markus did more work on supporting sending reports to a webhook.
    • I fixed the new unified Minion packages to properly upgrade from Horizon < 25.
    • Chandra continued to work on updating discovery to support detectors.
    • Chandra fixed a bug in the node-interface cache that could cause issues when nodes are deleted.
    • Chandra fixed an issue with duplicate chunks in large Karaf messages.
    • Chandra added support for listing Kafka RPC/sink topics and metrics in the Karaf shell.
    • Jeff updated the threshold trap events for CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB to include alarm data.
    • I fixed the OpenNMS packages to depend on the correct PostgreSQL version(s).
    • Jesse fixed a bug in Drools alarm processing that could cause a memory leak.
    • Chandra changed Provisiond so it can run script policies at the end of the node scan.
    • Alejandro made JMX configuration updates for collecting file descriptor statistics.
    • Ronny updated the compatibility matrix in the docs, and moved it to the install guide.
    • Chandra updated the SNMP agent config handling to update definitions when profiles change.
    • Jesse and Patrick worked on a daemon to watch for common startup issues, log them, and shut down gracefully.
    • Will Keaney worked on an update to the embedded Drools to version 7.18.0 to fix rule-processing bugs.
    • Patrick finished up his work on fixing event parameter ordering.
    • Ronny updated the docs to describe setting up Kafka for Minions.
    • Markus updated the new graph API to support a default focus.
  • Web, ReST, and UI
    • Christian did more work on making BSM handle deleted alarms gracefully.
    • Alejandro fixed an issue with cache handling in the requisition UI.
    • I fixed the way metadata is passed in the Helm entities datasource so it works in Grafana 6.4.
    • Alejandro added support for changing the number of pagination rows in the requisition UI.

Helm 4.0.1

Helm, the OpenNMS plugin suite for Grafana, has had a small update to 4.0.1.
This release only bumps some dependencies, and fixes running under Grafana 6.4.

It is available in the OpenNMS yum and apt repositories, and will be available
for installation through the Grafana CLI
once our pull request is merged.

Calendar of Events

  • November Releases - November 5th, 2019

    The next OpenNMS release day is November 5th.

    We expect to be putting out the following releases:

    • Horizon 25.1.0
    • Meridian 2016.1.23
    • Meridian 2017.1.20
    • Meridian 2018.1.13
    • Meridian 2019.1.0

    With the release of Meridian 2019.1.0, Meridian 2016 will be end-of-lifed.
    Security patches will continue to be applied for Powered By OpenNMS customers, but no new releases will be made.

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future OOH, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last OOH

  • ALEC-80: The Kafka Topic edgesTopic from the configuration is ignored
  • ALEC-81: OpenNMS Kafka - Format dates in ISO-8601
  • HELM-184: Fix Helm for Grafana 6.4
  • IPL-34: Update RHEL/CentOS IPLIKE Packages To Be Co-Installable
  • JS-45: Panel data error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined
  • NMS-9352: Add more information into BSM alarms
  • NMS-9684: Refactor the compatibility matrix in the documentation
  • NMS-9793: Be able to change the number of rows for the pagination control on the Requisitions UI
  • NMS-9827: Event parameters no longer preserve ordering
  • NMS-10346: default event description is incorrect
  • NMS-10396: Config tester doesn’t detect missing xml datacollection file
  • NMS-11979: Provide DefaultFocus capabilities
  • NMS-12153: Add Web-Hook as delivery option
  • NMS-12197: Flapping KafkaOffsetIT
  • NMS-12288: BSM configuration breaks without being notifed
  • NMS-12294: List Kafka RPC/Sink topics, Expose Metrics on Karaf shell
  • NMS-12307: Add ability to update definitions when SNMP profile changes
  • NMS-12308: Fix security vulnerability with jackson-databind
  • NMS-12315: Update discoveryd to support detectors
  • NMS-12316: Provide criteria for determining the “management IP” in provisiond
  • NMS-12318: Process newSuspect events in a single threaded fashion
  • NMS-12322: Memory leak in Drools engine for alarmd
  • NMS-12324: Minion RPM upgrade deletes /opt/minion
  • NMS-12338: InterfaceNodeCache doesn’t remove deleted nodes immediately
  • NMS-12341: OpenNMS 25 Dependency Still Allows Old PostgreSQL Versions
  • NMS-12343: XMLMarshalException in ipc.log: Unexpected close tag ; expected
  • NMS-12352: Install guide for R-core is broken for CentOS 8
  • NMS-12353: Update base container image to use CentOS 8
  • NMS-12354: Remove floating OpenJDK dependencies in OCI build
  • NMS-12356: Detect and help resolve Karaf bootstrap issues
  • NMS-12359: Karaf feature install issue with opennms-core-tracing-jaeger
  • NMS-12360: Fix requisition cache when accessing the Requisitions UI via “Edit in Requisition”
  • NMS-12362: Update CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB threshold trap events to include alarm-data
  • NMS-12363: switch core/web-assets from yarn to npm
  • NMS-12364: Collect and display file descriptor statistics via JMX for OpenNMS and Minion

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