Release 24.1.3 is a stable release of OpenNMS. It contains a few enhancements including JMS RPC improvements, as well as a bunch of bug fixes.

For a high-level overview of what’s changed in OpenNMS 24, see What’s New in OpenNMS 24.

The codename for 24.1.3 is WOPR

  • Possible Memory Leak in Ops Board (Issue NMS-8283)
  • Heatmap in CenterURL not functioning properly (Issue NMS-8884)
  • importFailed exposes the vcenter credentials (Issue NMS-9535)
  • Node label accepts ampersand (&) symbol, but it breaks graphing (Issue NMS-9904)
  • Default eventconf for clogMessageDiscarded has invalid snmphost mask (Issue NMS-10162)
  • Netflow 9 graphs do not line up with MIB2 data (Issue NMS-10721)
  • DNS Requisition import fails if location is specified (Issue NMS-11748)
  • Group Duty Schedules Formatting Issues (Issue NMS-12155)
  • Topology/Geographical map: Header not hidden when displayed inside iFrame (Issue NMS-12166)
  • Nodes and alarms disappear from Geo Map after few seconds (Issue NMS-12171)
  • Kafka RPC shouldn’t set default auto.offset.reset to earliest (Issue NMS-12172)
  • does not canonicalize all symlinks in java path (Issue NMS-12176)
  • Drools engine hangs on shutdown (Issue NMS-12201)
  • Minion can’t be started after installation from RPM/DEB with OpenJDK 11 (Issue NMS-12206)
  • Can’t connect to Karaf Shell in Minion on Debian/Ubuntu (Issue NMS-12211)
  • Date handling broken in OpsBoard’s criteria builder component (Issue NMS-12223)
  • %interface% & %interfaceresolve% variables should resolve nodes managed IP address (Issue NMS-10657)
  • Remove the /etc/default/opennms from Debian/Ubuntu installs (Issue NMS-12183)
  • Improve diagnostics and resiliency of JMS RPC (w/ embedded ActiveMQ) (Issue NMS-12222)
  • Track and display timestamps for the last polls (Issue NMS-12225)

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