Release 2018.1.5 is an update to Meridian 2018.1.4. It contains a number of bug fixes including fixes for sending notifications for events without associated nodes, XSS issues, and more. It also includes a number of performance improvements and and update to the latest Jetty web server framework.

The codename for 2018.1.5 is Fresh breeze.

  • JDBC collector event reason provides no useful information (Issue NMS-9633)
  • syslog events are creating notifications and disregarding rules in place (Issue NMS-10486)
  • Node page very slow to load for nodes with more than 1000 events (Issue NMS-10506)
  • SNMP configuration UI should select location "Default" by default, not the first location alphabetically (Issue NMS-10514)
  • Wallboard URLs with board name should be permalinks, but return "Nothing to display" instead (Issue NMS-10515)
  • Event parameters table have strong limits for the columns (Issue NMS-10525)
  • Cross-Site Scripting: Reflected (Issue NMS-10546)
  • Cross-Frame Scripting (Issue NMS-10547)
  • syslog parsing of messages without a year will sometimes infer the wrong year (Issue NMS-10548)

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