Release 2017.1.4 is an update to OpenNMS Meridian 2017.1.3. It is primarily a bug fix release.

The codename for 2017.1.4 is Tenerife meridian.

  • Notification storm causes JVM crash with: Native memory allocation (mmap) failed (Issue NMS-9766)
  • The typeahead widget for KSC Report Search on front page is not working (Issue NMS-9776)
  • The geographical maps on large installations is unusable (Issue NMS-9777)
  • Cannot create user groups through the WebUI (NPE) (Issue NMS-9785)
  • Broken Link in Admin guide to Alarm Introduction (Issue NMS-9802)
  • Wrong syntax for automatic rescanning in admin guide (Issue NMS-9803)
  • Geocoordinates truncated to 5 decimal places (Issue HZN-1219)

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About the Author: RangerRick

Principal Software Engineer. Manages the release process of OpenNMS Horizon and Meridian, and a bunch of other stuff.
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