Release 2017.1.1 is the second release of OpenNMS Meridian 2017. It contains a number of security and bug fixes and a few small enhancements.

The codename for 2017.1.1 is Meridian of Monte Mario.

  • An empty category is not shown when in focus (Issue NMS-9423)
  • Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in OpenNMS webapp (Issue NMS-9457)
  • The button to add a graph to a KSC report doesn’t work (Issue NMS-9498)
  • RadixTreeSyslogParser confuses timezone and hostname fields (Issue NMS-9522)
  • Stale IP Address Cache (Issue NMS-9613)
  • opennms-webapp-remoting JARs are not signed (Issue NMS-9638)
  • trapd may silently discard invalid traps (Issue NMS-9660)
  • Trap event parenting lacks bias toward SNMP primary interfaces (Issue NMS-9666)
  • IOActive: Stored Cross-site Scripting in SNMP Trap Message (Issue NMS-9668)
  • IOActive: Reflected Cross-site Scripting in heatmap/outages heatmap Parameter (Issue NMS-9671)
  • Display AlarmId on Event page (Issue NMS-8445)
  • Check/add support for PostgreSQL 10 (Issue NMS-9679)

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About the Author: RangerRick

Principal Software Engineer. Manages the release process of OpenNMS Horizon and Meridian, and a bunch of other stuff.
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