Release 2016.1.6 is an update to 2016.1.5 that provides quite a few bug fixes and a few small enhancements.

The codename for 2016.1.6 is Goode homolosine.


  • collectd does not unschedule deleted nodes (Issue NMS-5105)
  • noSuchInstance causing problems during provision scan (Issue NMS-8046)
  • Security issue for all admin vaadin applications exposed as OSGI Service (Issue NMS-8431)
  • Updating assets/categories through ReST affects Forced Unmanaged services. (Issue NMS-8879)
  • Logging for TCP output queue (Issue NMS-9291)
  • does not create interfaces (Issue NMS-9345)
  • XSS vulnerability on quick-add node page (Issue NMS-9353)
  • XSS vulnerability on node error page (Issue NMS-9354)
  • XSS vulnerability with application names (Issue NMS-9355)
  • Thresholding on WSMan datasources appears broken (Issue NMS-9361)
  • TCP persistence strategy should output time in milliseconds, not seconds (Issue NMS-9409)
  • NullPointerException during nodeScan on devices with broken IP-MIB::ipAddressIfIndex (Issue NMS-9415)
  • Event Configuration Screen Requires Alarm Type (Issue NMS-9422)
  • SQL injection in DefaultSurveillanceViewService (Issue NMS-9476)
  • "query" parameter allows SQL injection (Issue NMS-9478)
  • Clone foreign source requisition overwrites config of other requisition without any hint or warning (Issue NMS-9481)
  • Fix ownership of users.xml (Issue NMS-9493)
  • ConcurrentModificationException thrown by Statsd (Issue NMS-9511)
  • Update copyright date in docs (Issue NMS-9516)
  • Document supported products and versions for Remedy integration (Issue NMS-9538)
  • Eventd does not respect event configuration order when reloading (Issue NMS-9551)
  • users.xml being overwritten on installation (Issue NMS-9573)


  • Document the logic behind the response time value reported by the SnmpMonitor (Issue NMS-9475)
  • Add parameterized SQL support to Criteria API (Issue NMS-9480)

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