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Your company didn’t buy IT for the fun of it. You bought the hardware and software to help you run your enterprise, increase productivity and earn a profit.

Get the Network to Work® with OpenNMS.

The OpenNMS platform is an award-winning, enterprise-grade network management application platform built on a true open source model with zero licensing cost. At the OpenNMS Group, we offer support, training, custom development and consulting on the OpenNMS platform. Together, the OpenNMS solution delivers performance, scalability, flexibility and total cost of ownership that are consistently better than equivalent systems from HP, IBM and other “premium” vendors.

We are here to deliver custom management solutions that fit your environment. Other “solutions” ask you to change your business processes to fit their tools. Our true open source solution creates a tool that works for you, and unlike many companies, we publish our prices online.

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A shockingly pleasant surprise.  That’s what support is like with the OpenNMS Group.

For many user questions, free support is available on-line through resources like the project wiki and mailing lists.

But in a production environment, you may need faster help. The OpenNMS Group offers commercial support plans that can give you up to 24/7 responses to any question.  We designed the product, so we know how to help you. In the rare case of an actual bug in the system, we can correct it and update the software in a fraction of the time that a commercial provider would take.

You get exceptional service because we’re experts who love our work and are committed to quality.  That’s accountability you can rely on.

“If I didn’t have the OpenNMS Group, I’d have more people here at New Edge, and I’d be paying them a whole lot more money. I’m getting a lot more value for what I pay OpenNMS …”

– Scott McLaughlin, Director of Infrastructure Operations, New Edge Networks

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You have smart staff.  They can figure out anything if you give them enough time.

That said, smart is no substitute for experience.  To save you time (and all the associated costs of your staff time and delayed deployment), the OpenNMS Group can help you install your initial OpenNMS management platform or migrate from an existing platform.

We offer on-site deployment consulting through our popular “Greenlight” packages, which get most of our clients running at full speed within five to ten business days.   Imagine that: turnkey network management in just days.  And all of our Greenlight packages come with a year of unlimited support.  What are you waiting for?

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Get up to speed fast with our OpenNMS training services.

We offer basic (3-day) and advanced (2-day) courses, or save money and take them both at once.

Training is offered about every other month at OpenNMS world headquarters in metropolitan Pittsboro, NC, USA. Or if you have training facilities on-site, we can come to you.

Recommended for OpenNMS users of all levels, there is no better way to understand the options available with OpenNMS than to train with the experts.
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Everyone who talks about open source software touts the ability to see and modify the code — this is a great thing. But just because you can see and modify the code doesn’t mean it’s easy.  You need time, staff and experience before you understand the software enough to modify it successfully on your own.

Fortunately, you have an alternative.  The OpenNMS Group provides custom development services so that you can take advantage of open source flexibility without the learning curve. We provide project-based feature development to give you the exact functionality you need.

We develop code using the latest agile development techniques, including unit tests. Then we integrate all custom code into the main OpenNMS project to ensure that it is always maintained with every new version of OpenNMS.

If your company needs a platform to build your own management product, you can use our “Powered by OpenNMS”  to license the software under a traditional license which will allow you to embed the platform into your own product.

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Pricing with OpenNMS is simple.  The software is 100% free.  Building a solution is not. You can build a solution by investing your time and staff until you become your own experts with OpenNMS, or you can build a strong solution faster by hiring the experts at the OpenNMS Group.

How does this compare with using traditional commercial software like HP’s BTO or IBM’s Tivoli?

A traditional commercial software solution usually involves a licensing cost, a deployment cost and a training cost. With open source, the licensing cost goes away, but the deployment and training costs do not. While an open source solution may help reduce both, they do not go away.

The OpenNMS Group has adopted a public and a fair pricing strategy for all of its products. Everyone pays the same, no matter where in the world they are located or how big they are.

Get rid of hidden costs by choosing an OpenNMS solution today.

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What Our Clients Say

Towerstream 4G Wireless ISP Gets the Network to Work – With Extra Wins in Asset Management and Customer Service.Towerstream 4G Wireless ISP Gets the Network to Work – With Extra Wins in Asset Management and Customer Service.
We are an ISP. Our network is what we actually sell, and that’s why we must have top performance from our network management system. We didn’t get top performance with our old system, but we do with OpenNMS. – Michael Micheletti, Manager of Engineering, Towerstream                             
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The Pennsylvania State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterThe Pennsylvania State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
In six hours, we had OpenNMS running with all the functionality that it had taken us three years to develop with Openview NNM. This was a rude but happy awakening. – Dale Meyerhoffer, Senior Network Analyst, Hershey Medical Center                                        
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City of Grapevine, TexasCity of Grapevine, Texas
I was the only IT person at the office, but with OpenNMS, it was easy to keep track of everything on the network, including our snow and ice-covered traffic light system. If there had been a problem, OpenNMS would have let me know. – John Jennery, City of Grapevine, Texas                  
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