Sponsored Development

"Wouldn't it be cool if...?"

Many of the features loved by OpenNMS users began here. Someone had an idea and developers at the OpenNMS Group worked to make it a reality.

OpenNMS: Customized

If OpenNMS does 90% of what you need it to do, it’s very likely that you can get the remaining 10% via a custom development project with the OpenNMS Group. It’s also very likely that the cost of this custom development project would be much less than the dollar cost of a commercial software installation (not to mention the cost of trying to bend your work processes to fit the software, instead of the other way around).

Our customers have requested and received features like SNMP version 3 support, a remote monitoring method, integration with other tools, and specific monitors for such things as SMS messaging.

Clear Code. Agile Development. Test-Driven Development.

Why is custom development so cost-effective in OpenNMS? The credit is due to two main things: the architecture of OpenNMS and its open source nature. From the beginning, OpenNMS was designed to be easily expanded and easily integrated with other systems. Since the code is meant be publicly viewed and used, it is written with elegance and clarity in mind. Agile development concepts like test-driven development form the basis for creating new code.

Custom development will give you exactly what you need. The features we create will be added into the main OpenNMS software so you never have to worry about maintaining the code. But don’t worry about your feature getting modified by the greater OpenNMS community. If the rest of the community decides your feature should behave differently, there will always be a configuration option to cause it to act exactly as you desire. Finally, software unit tests will be written to ensure that the feature continues to work as OpenNMS grows.

For example: we had one client who paid for a feature. It worked so well they didn’t upgrade for several years. When they finally did, twenty versions later, the feature still worked, even though it was very specialized and not widely used.

In addition, development time is often greatly shortened because other open source software can be leveraged to add the desired functionality. There is no worry about license compatibility that you would have with commercial software.

OpenNMS gets your network to work. Stop settling for what you can get, and get what you want with OpenNMS custom development.

Free. Open. Always.

OpenNMS is published mainly under the GNU Affero General Public License or “AGPLv3” (with a few parts published under compatible open source licenses). It is 100% free and open, with no hidden or misleading “enterprise” or “commercial” versions. We believe you can’t get the true benefit from open source unless the product is actually open.