Flows & SNMP: Explained

With Marshall Massengill, Principal Solutions Delivery Architect, OpenNMS


A primer on all things flows and SNMP

In the first half of the webinar, Marshall takes you through flows, how they work, what they do, and the value they add to understanding your enterprise network. He then walks through how to collect, understand, and visualize flows with OpenNMS Meridian.

Heavily focused on demos, the second half of the webinar is dedicated to SNMP. Marshall will teach you the basics of SNMP, its components (managers, agents, MIBs, commands, and traps), and how to collect SNMP data and measure performance.


See OpenNMS Meridian in action, with real demos

This webinar includes the following demos:

  • Visualizing flow data within OpenNMS Meridian

  • Configuring network devices to export flows (Cisco, Juniper, pfSense, VMware)

  • Visualizing flows with OpenNMS Meridian and Grafana

  • Thresholding with flows

  • SNMP performance

  • OpenNMS MIB compiler

  • SNMP traps

  • SNMP data visualization with OpenNMS Meridian and Grafana

Keep learning about OpenNMS Meridian

OpenNMS Meridian is a highly scalable open source network management platform with traffic analysis, discovery, alerting, monitoring, and more. This webinar only showed a glimpse of what Meridian can do for your network.