White paper

Network Monitoring with OpenNMS

Challenges & solutions

This white paper explores the challenges to effectively monitor distributed network environments—and solutions to address those challenges.

As the edges of your enterprise network expand with more devices, processes, services, and physical locations, so do the challenges of monitoring that distributed environment. Security, privacy, reachability, and latency issues are more prevalent in highly distributed networks. This makes monitoring, collection, and processing large volumes of data increasingly difficult.

opennms diagram showing relationships between components

Get the most from your network

OpenNMS Meridian is a highly scalable open source network management platform with network traffic analysis, network discovery, alerting, and monitoring. Take care of your strategically built network and ensure its availability and performance, so you can take on your next initiative.

See how Meridian helps you:

  • Collect and monitor data— from anywhere

  • Monitor digital experience from different perspectives

  • Scale to process large volumes of data

  • Extend network access

  • Visualize your network data

  • Correlate and categorize alarms

  • Configure and customize based on your unique network needs

Want to learn more about how Meridian can help you gain observability across your entire network, no matter how remote or distributed?

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