PagerDuty Plugin

Receive notification of OpenNMS alarms through PagerDuty with the OpenNMS Plugin API.

Notify on-call responders, customize the alarms forwarded to PagerDuty, and synchronize incidents and acknowledgement across both Meridian and PagerDuty as they update.

Check out Jesse White's DevJam demo of the PagerDuty plugin (featuring our Minecraft server).

After you set up and configure the OpenNMS PagerDuty plugin, it listens for changes to alarms and forwards them to PagerDuty using the Events API v2.

PagerDuty, which provides a platform to manage on-call schedules, incidents, and notifications for different types of digital infrastructure, will send notifications about the Meridian alarms to the people specified in your PagerDuty configuration.

Customize the plugin to filter the types of alarms it forwards to PagerDuty for more effective incident management.

The plugin also supports handling webhooks issued by changes to the alerts in PagerDuty, which you can use for bi-directional synchronization.