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OpenNMS Horizon

Horizon is an open source solution that helps you visualize and monitor everything on your local and remote networks. It offers comprehensive fault, performance, traffic monitoring, and alarm generation in one place. Highly customizable and scalable, Horizon easily integrates with your core business applications and workflows.

Features include remote data collection, application perspective monitoring, alarm correlation, scalability, business service monitoring, and comprehensive management of inventory, faults, alarms, events, performance, and traffic.

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Past Releases

Horizon 31: A sneak peek of our new cloud services

Our 31st major Horizon release includes features and enhancements—and a preview of the future—to help you get started quicker, focus your monitoring efforts, and connect to hosted services.

New in Horizon 31:

OpenNMS Cloud Services Connector preview

The Cloud Services Connector helps you access and manage components more easily as OpenNMS-hosted cloud services. For a limited time only, Minion Appliance and OpenNMS Time Series DB, our hosted time series database, are available to try with Horizon 31.

Help us make your monitoring life easier through cloud services—participate today to get an exclusive upgrade offer and assistance with moving to Meridian.

Cloud Services Connector

The Cloud Services Connector is your gateway to OpenNMS-hosted cloud services. With Horizon 31, you're invited to couple your deployment of Horizon with the OpenNMS Portal to preview our hosted time series database, Time Series DB.

Learn more about Cloud Services Connector

New Hardware Appliance

OpenNMS Minion Appliance makes observing your infrastructure easier and more trustworthy than ever. Previously available only as a virtual appliance, we're happy to announce Minion Appliance as dedicated, physical hardware with:

  • Zero-trust architecture, through a TPM chip, encryption, & secure boot
  • Predictable performance for Minion data collection
  • Automatic updates
  • Fleet management—deploy and govern multiple appliances in parallel.

OpenNMS Minion Appliance fits where you need it, with 2 form factors: Mini and 1U.

Learn more about Minion Appliance

Time Series DB

OpenNMS Time Series DB is a hosted cloud service that gives you the freedom to scale as your needs change. Optimized for OpenNMS metric collection and streaming telemetry, Time Series DB provides everything you need to store and persist your performance metrics without maintaining software, managing hardware, or underutilizing resources.

For a limited time, Horizon users can connect to Time Series DB via the Cloud Services Connector to view time series summary data and benefit from greater flexibility and lower administrative burden.

Learn more about Time Series DB

Quick Start Guide

Excited about Horizon, but aren't sure where to start? Our Quick Start Guide gives you step-by-step directions to set up basic monitoring. Built with minimal configuration in mind, this guide takes you from first-time login through provisioning, data collection, and performance visualization in 9 easy steps.

Once you're ready for more, plunge into the "Deep Dive" section for additional configs.

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