Find yourself stuck in the maze of network issues? Frustrated by monitoring problems you just can't seem to untangle? Full of network monitoring questions? Not sure how to take your network monitoring to the next level? We get it!

While ChatGPT can give you the answers to some of life’s big questions, there are still key insights you can only get from real people – like our OpenNMS experts.

With our “Ask an Expert” sessions, you can schedule time with real OpenNMS gurus to have a real conversation with an experienced network monitoring professional. No jargon, no tech-heavy mumbo-jumbo—just friendly advice, suggestions, and answers to your network monitoring questions.

Solve Complex Network Monitoring Challenges

Just fill out the contact form. Choose a date and time that works for you (we'll provide calendar links and an email for your convenience). Come to the session prepared with your questions, issues, and concerns.

Final step: have a fun, engaging, enlightening chat with people who have deep domain expertise.

Our Experts

network monitoring questions

Dr. Craig Gallen
Business Development Manager, OpenNMS

Dr Craig Gallen has been a committer to OpenNMS for over 10 years. He has worked as an engineer in broadcasting, telecommunications, and academia where his doctoral research explored the role of Open Source in the Telecommunications industry. Presently Craig splits his time between teaching at Solent University Southampton and influencing the strategic direction of OpenNMS.

network monitoring questions

Mike Huot
Principal Product Strategist, OpenNMS

Mike offers a blend of strategic leadership and technical expertise, with a focus on monitoring and infrastructure management. As Principal Product Strategist and Infrastructure Architect, he’s led diverse initiatives, overseeing deployment and automation across networking, computing, virtualization, storage, and cloud, emphasizing monitoring and observability. At OpenNMS, he shares expertise, advocates for open-source solutions, and engages in community collaboration. He balances hands-on technical work with strategic input, driving product direction and enhancing network performance management, while contributing to the OpenNMS community.

What to Expect

Friendly chats: Nothing formal here, just relevant information and inspiring conversation with some knowledgeable people from OpenNMS.

Live demos: See how OpenNMS Meridian works and how you can use it to address your most challenging network needs.

Sneak peeks: Be the first to glimpse behind the curtains. We might just share some upcoming features and projects we're excited about.

Want to learn on your own? That works too!

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to carve a specific time out of your day for a conversation, no problem. As an open-source solution, OpenNMS has a community of users ready and willing to lend a helping hand. You can dig through the available resources on your own or join our community to connect with other users facing the same issues.

Explore our resources

Visit our website to access a wealth of informative content, including product documentation, resources, and customer testimonials.

Join the community

Connect with like-minded professionals and OpenNMS users on our community forums or chat to share insights and experiences.

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