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Ever found yourself stuck in the maze of network issues? Frustrated by problems you just can't seem to solve? Not sure how to take your network monitoring to the next level? We get it!

That's why OpenNMS is hosting "Ask an Expert" sessions, just for you.

Have a real conversation with a network monitoring professional. No jargon, no tech-heavy mumbo-jumbo—just friendly advice, suggestions and solutions to your network monitoring dilemmas.


Dr. Craig Gallen

Business Development Manager, OpenNMS

Marshall Massengill

Principal Solutions Delivery Architect, OpenNMS

What to expect

Friendly chats: No formalities here, just relevant information and conversation with some great people from OpenNMS.

Live demos: See how OpenNMS Meridian works and how you can use it to address your most challenging network needs.

Sneak peeks: Be the first to peek behind the curtains. We might just share some upcoming features and projects we're excited about.

How it works

  • Fill out the contact form
  • Choose a date and time that works for you (we'll provide calendar links and an email for your convenience)
  • Come to the session prepared with your questions, issues, and concerns
  • Meet our expert!

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