In November we released updates to all supported Meridians as well as Horizon 27.

You might have noticed that Horizon 27 and Meridian 2020 jump by 2 releases in this announcement compared to last month. Read on for details.

Report Serialization Regression

A fix for timezone handling in Grafana reports that went into Horizon 27.0.1 and Meridian 2020.1.2 turned out to trigger a bug in loading existing reports, because of changes to the underlying Java objects that get stored in the database.

The regression was released, so we did an off-schedule release of updated Horizon 27 and Meridian 2020 packages to minimize the impact.

If you created new scheduled reports with Horizon 27.0.1 or Meridian 2020.1.2, you will need to recreate them.

Horizon 27

On Tuesday, we released Horizon 27.0.1, followed by Horizon 27.0.2 yesterday.

Horizon 27.0.1 (Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster) contains a number of bugfixes including a critical CVE fix for Jetty, as well as a few other smaller changes and improvements.

Horizon 27.0.2 (Deep Thought) adds to that a fix for the report serialization bug, a fix for JCIFS support, and an update to node metadata to support geohashes.

Meridian 2020

Like Horizon 27, Meridian 2020 had two releases: 2020.1.2 on Tuesday, and 2020.1.3, yesterday.

Meridian 2020.1.2 (Skerry) contained many of the same fixes as Horizon 27, most notably the Jetty CVE fix.

Meridian 2020.1.3 (Fjord) is identical to 2020.1.2, but contains the fix for the report serialization bug.

Meridian 2019.1.14 and 2018.1.24

As is common in maintenance releases, the older Meridians got just a couple of bug fixes -- the Jetty CVE fix, and a fix to RRD file creation in certain cases when provisioning new nodes.

For more details, see the release notes:

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