In the last week we we fixed a bunch more bugs, did more work on moving the remote poller to the Minion, and picked up work on Helm again. This week: DEV JAM!

Github Project Updates

Internals, APIs, and Documentation

  • Justin Wood contributed a fix for handling interfaceSnmpByIfIndex on interfaces with no physaddr
  • I worked on fixing issues with startup and systemd and PID handling
  • Ronny did more fixes on certificate issues in our new Jetty updates
  • Christian and Patrick continued with the work on moving remote poller functionality to the Minion
  • Chandra fixed an issue with bad SNMP agents that return an unexpected number of oids
  • Sean fixed the InstallerDb to handle PostgreSQL 12 properly
  • Sean worked on some Kafka-related updates
  • Christian fixed an issue with report definition parsing

Web, ReST, UI, and Helm

  • I started working on some fixes for Helm in Grafana 6.7 and Grafana 7
  • I added a feature to hash passwords when submitting them in the users ReST interface
  • I fixed an issue displaying large rules in the correlator config UI


Thanks to all of the following contributors for committing changes since last OOH:

  • Benjamin Reed
  • Chandra Gorantla
  • Christian Pape
  • Justin Wood
  • Patrick Schweizer
  • Ronny Trommer
  • Sean Torres

Calendar of Events

Virtual Dev-Jam 2020 -- RIGHT NOW

This year we will, for obvious reasons, not be doing our normal yearly Dev-Jam hackathon.
With that in mind, we're going to try doing something completely different: Virtual Dev-Jam.

We are running a Minecraft server, with support for positional sound using Mumble, which means you can be there and hear audio only from the folks near you.

Also you can join the "Dev Jam" channel in the OpenNMS chat server.

We also plan on doing a movie screening, gaming, and other fun stuff.

For details, check out VIRTUAL DEVJAM.

Upcoming Releases - August 4th, 2020

The next OpenNMS release day is August 4th, 2020.
Currently we expect new bugfix releases from Meridian 2019 and Horizon 26.

Also coming up soon is Horizon 27, hopefully by early fall.
It's going to contain a bunch of great stuff:

  • improvements to node caching for flow processing
  • VMware metadata has been moved from assets to the new node metadata
  • Minion improvements, including configuration enhancements and an overhaul to RPC thread-handling
  • a new handy global search bar in the web UI
  • a major rework of remote poller functionality, now integrated with the Minion (we're calling it Application Perspective Monitoring)
  • BMP improvements

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future OOH, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last OOH

  • HELM-243: Cannot see list of nodes and resources when editing a panel.
  • NMS-6470: Encrypt the password in REST API POST endpoint /opennms/rest/users
  • NMS-10526: Trailing ", \" in report definitions throws not helpful error message
  • NMS-12775: interfaceSnmpByIfIndex fails if SNMP interface has no physical address
  • NMS-12777: Searching for alarms in the v2 API with a reductionKey that includes a comma or semicolon results in a 500 error
  • NMS-12813: Include XML schema for wsman-datacollection-config.xml in assemblies
  • NMS-12819: Update OpenNMS DB functions and tests to handle Postgres 12
  • NMS-12823: Application Topology Provider Status

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