If you are using the Prometheus toolkit to monitor your network systems, you can now integrate that performance data into OpenNMS with the new PrometheusCollector.

The OpenNMS PrometheusCollector collects performance metrics via HTTP(S) using the text-based Prometheus Exposition format. Many applications have adopted this format, which the OpenMetrics project is in the process of standardizing.

How It Works

OpenNMS collects performance data using the Collectd daemon. Collectd schedules data collection on OpenNMS entities (currently nodes and interfaces) using management agents and protocol-specific collectors to collect performance metrics. Each collector has its own associated configuration that defines the parameters for the collector. (For more details on performance data collection in OpenNMS, refer to the product documentation.)

The PrometheusCollector parses and maps Prometheus-collected performance data into OpenNMS’s collection model. Manage Prometheus collection definitions in etc/prometheus-datacollection.d/, and set collection parameters in the /etc/collectd-configuration.xml file. See the PrometheusCollector documentation for more details.

Getting Started

By default we provide a sample configuration for Prometheus Node Exporter. The Node Exporter is an agent running on a server and provides detailed host machine metrics for Prometheus. Our sample configuration provides a starting point on how to use the PrometheusCollector with OpenNMS.

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