OpenNMS makes it easy to generate PDF reports from Grafana dashboards. You can also schedule and email these PDF reports to anyone:

  • Keep staff without access to OpenNMS informed about network performance for improved capacity planning.
  • Create a permanent, historic record of strategic information by retaining reports in your inbox and/or the OpenNMS reporting library.
  • Create reports from any Grafana dashboard whether or not it has OpenNMS data.

How It Works

All you need is OpenNMS and an instance of Grafana with at least one dashboard and panel. OpenNMS allows you to create a PDF report for ANY Grafana dashboard, not just dashboards created using OpenNMS Helm. Simply obtain the Grafana Viewer API key from your Grafana instance, plug it into the Grafana endpoint configuration in OpenNMS, and you’re ready to go.

Set It and Forget It

With three templates (layouts) to choose from, your PDF can display one panel, two panels, or four panels per page. The templates have placeholders for each panel found on a Grafana dashboard.

OpenNMS connects with Grafana through the API key, retrieves a list of available dashboards, and displays them in the Report Parameters dialog:

Grafana dashboard report parameters config screen

Select a Grafana dashboard from the drop-down list, specify the time period for the report, and create a schedule to email the report to the people who need and want to see it.

From Dashboard to PDF:

Grafana dashboard to pdf comparison

Learn More!

For detailed procedures on how to create PDF reports from Grafana dashboards with OpenNMS, see the online documentation or check out this video.

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