It's time for OpenNMS On the Horizon!

In the last week we did more work on Minion, Sentinel, Kafka, and Drools, as well as the new time-series API, BMP support, the sink API, web UI bugs, and CircleCI.

Also, Happy Birthday to the OpenNMS Project!

SourceForge project started 2000-03-30

Github Project Updates

Internals, APIs, and Documentation

  • Chandra did more work on adding Jolokia to Minion and Sentinel.
  • Patrick's new time-series API was merged to mainline for Horizon 26! (whoo!)
  • Chandra did more work on publishing enriched data to Kafka, as well as fixing some event production balancing issues.
  • Chandra continued his work on moving to protobuf 3 for the sink API.
  • I continued my work on moving Bamboo workflows into CircleCI.
  • Ronny worked on docker container documentation.
  • Chandra worked on an issue with Sentinel Zookeeper integration.
  • Chandra fixed an issue with restoring Drools facts on reload.
  • Dustin added some support for extended community attributes in BGP data.
  • Christian worked on improving unicast support in the BMP integration adapter.

Web, ReST, UI, and Helm

  • Patrick worked on a few other web UI bugs.
  • Jesse fixed an issue with the graph service and nodes without a foreign source or foreign ID.
  • I worked on fixing Helm on Grafana 6.7.

Calendar of Events

April Releases - April 7th, 2020

The next OpenNMS release day is April 7th, 2020.

Unless we run into major issues, we're hoping to release Horizon 26 in April, which includes support for BMP telemetry collection.

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future OOH, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last OOH

  • NMS-9121: empty Stress Testing section in admin guide
  • NMS-11788: Add SMTP monitor documentation to the Admin Guide
  • NMS-11812: Clarify Basic Installation scenario
  • NMS-12228: Event documentation is missing tokens
  • NMS-12383: Develop Timeseries Integration Layer
  • NMS-12474: dataCollectionSucceeded does event auto-clean
  • NMS-12475: Remove obsolete entry in log4j2.xml
  • NMS-12526: Enrich content of nodeAdded event
  • NMS-12527: Migrate config-tester wiki to the docs
  • NMS-12529: Splitting Docker documentation in Horizon, Minion and Sentinel
  • NMS-12533: Add Jolokia features to Minion & Sentinel
  • NMS-12583: Write enriched flows to Kafka
  • NMS-12586: Drools working memory facts are not restored properly on engine reload
  • NMS-12602: Upgrade Sink API to Proto3
  • NMS-12612: Open Redirect security issues
  • NMS-12615: PR's fail circleci RPM build steps due to missing GPG setup
  • NMS-12616: Events not balanced across partitions when using opennms-kafka-producer
  • NMS-12619: sentinel-coordination-zookeeper doesn't start due to missing dependency
  • NMS-12626: Minion should bind to by default for SNMP traps
  • NMS-12627: Minion Docker image for develop is tagged as 27.0.0-SNAPSHOT instead of bleeding

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