Release 2019.1.1 is the second release in the Meridian 2019 series.

It contains a number of bug fixes mostly related to alarm and event processing and potential resource leaks, as well as provisioning enhancements to SNMP profiles.

The codename for 2019.1.1 is Venus.

  • Readiness probe with Minion in Kubernetes with health:check does not work (Issue NMS-12120)
  • Cannot use poller:poll karaf command with WsManMonitor through Minions (Issue NMS-12365)
  • Strange behavior on used threads and file descriptors on Minion (Issue NMS-12366)
  • Upstream Drools Bug: From with modify fires unexpected rule (Issue NMS-12367)
  • "Page Not Found" in alarm-list when choosing number of alarms in dropdown-list (Issue NMS-12379)
  • Build failure during release for 25.1.0 in CircleCI (Issue NMS-12380)
  • backport missing patches from 25.1.0 to foundation-2019 (Issue NMS-12384)
  • Discovery does not honor exclude-range inside a definition (Issue NMS-12385)
  • Discovery exclude-range is not location-aware (Issue NMS-12386)
  • Update OpenJDK 11.0.4 to 11.0.5 (Issue NMS-12387)
  • Elasticsearch event forwarder manipulates in-flight event (Issue NMS-12390)
  • is broken after OpenNMS 25.1.0 update (Issue NMS-12392)
  • SNMP profile fitting is not triggered in some cases when MINION is involved (Issue NMS-12399)
  • Alarmd fails intermittently and OOMs (Issue NMS-12412)
  • SNMP Remove from definitions fails for definitions with profile label (Issue NMS-12413)
  • Create a step-by-step guide how to setup Kafka for Minions (Issue NMS-12368)
  • Enhance new snmp profiles to allow fitting to nodes inside requisitions without SNMP service associated to any IPs configured (Issue NMS-12396)

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