It’s time for OpenNMS On the Horizon!

In the last week or so we worked on fixing a bunch of small bugs in Drools, Kafka, flow handling, and more, as well as reporting and Helm updates.

Github Project Updates

  • Internals, APIs, and Documentation
    • Jesse updated our embedded Drools engine to 7.26.0, and improved the session-handling in the DroolsAlarmContext to not require locking, which speeds up processing considerably.
    • Jesse fixed an issue with Kafka alarm synchronization.
    • Markus fixed an issue where health:check would respond that Elasticsearch in opennms-flows was failing when it was not configured.
    • Jesse enabled the flow UDP listener by default on Minion and OpenNMS.
    • Markus updated the flow enrichment code to use our session transaction management utility.
    • Chandra fixed the script provisioning policy and Scriptd to greedily initialize the model objects passed into scripts.
    • Jesse made some updates to Kafka statistics collection.
    • Dustin continued his work on making the Meta-Data DSL work with PSM.
    • Marcel worked on cleaning up some JMX collection names.
    • Dustin fixed flow processing to ignore SFlow data without IP data.
    • I fixed the issue where Minion and Sentinel logs can appear in the root of the filesystem.
    • Markus fixed a bug in flow priority management.
    • Ronny updated the default container images to use RRDtool rather than JRobin.
    • I continued to work on figuring out the best way to handle new DateTime locale processing in JDK11.
    • Jesse updated threshold processing to handle pushed metrics from OIA.
    • Dustin worked on improving Poller startup time.
    • I changed the Minion packages to be a single package like Sentinel.
    • Markus worked on fixing some issues with Elasticsearch forwarding after an outage.
    • David Schlenk added STARTTLS support to the SSLCertExpireMonitor.
    • Patrick made custom SNMP auth handling for Cisco routers configurable.
    • Patrick worked on making sure event parameter ordering is preserved.
  • Web, ReST, and UI
    • Patrick fixed an issue with rendering reports.
    • I added support for ordering entity queries in Helm.
    • I updated Helm to use Grafana’s built-in FontAwesome fonts rather than embedding Ionicons.
    • I fixed the regression where Backshift graphs would not properly restrict zooming.
    • Markus worked on a ReST service for retrieving health check data.
    • Jesse updated the Helm icons for the Flow and Entity datasources.

OpenNMS Releases This Week

Because we were so close to having all blockers closed for Horizon 25, we decided to hold off a week so we could get it out the door rather than just doing another 24 bump. The September releases will be happening this Thursday.

Upcoming Events and Appearances

  • All Things Open in Raleigh, NC - October 13th through 15th
    Jesse White will be speaking about ALEC at All Things Open. It’s a wonderful open-source conference here in the back yard of The OpenNMS Group’s offices.

    His talk will be at 4:15pm on Tuesday.

  • NETHINKS Training in Fulda, Germany - October 21st through 25th
    NETHINKS will be offering German-language training in their headquarters in Fulda, Germany the week of October 21st.

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future OOH, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last OOH

  • HELM-130: Dynamic Filtering
  • HELM-172: Update Default Alarm Table Columns
  • HELM-174: Enhance query to support an order by clause
  • HELM-181: Severity icons are no longer displayed
  • JS-44: Fix parameter serialization in GrafanaHTTP
  • NMS-8294: Expose the complete OnmsNode object in Scriptd to avoid LazyInitializationExceptions
  • NMS-10498: HealthCheck should not fail for ElasticSearch if flows are not enabled
  • NMS-10605: Syslog incorrect dates being parsed into database
  • NMS-10635: Zooming with Backshift is broken
  • NMS-10662: Update default notification configuration to leverage alarm autoacknowledgements
  • NMS-10672: Redesign default threshold events
  • NMS-10704: Insecure cache-control for session cookies
  • NMS-10724: Kafka alarm producer synchronization fails due to missing event
  • NMS-11719: Refactoring Docker Container Images towards Horizon 25
  • NMS-11857: Improve visibility of IPCs (Monitor Sink/RPC)
  • NMS-12125: karaf.log appears on the root file system when running Minion/Sentinel on Ubuntu/Debian.
  • NMS-12185: sFlow adapter drops flows due to NPE
  • NMS-12229: Ensure the reporting jar for jasperstudio is still working and containing all the relevant jars
  • NMS-12244: Remove session lock from Drools in alarmd
  • NMS-12247: Add support for meta-data fields in thresholding expressions
  • NMS-12252: Add support for STARTTLS to TLS certificate monitor
  • NMS-12258: DefaultReportWrapperService: failed to run or render report
  • NMS-12268: ScriptPolicy scripts encounter LazyInitializationException on calling node.getSnmpInterface()
  • NMS-12271: allow using fetched RPMs in
  • NMS-12283: Be able to execute ICMP requests through Java when running as non-root
  • NMS-12286: Ordering of classification groups does not work
  • NMS-12287: Wrong decoding of hex string
  • NMS-12290: Default settings in container image don’t write RRD files
  • NMS-12293: The Debian APT repositories for branches looks incomplete
  • NMS-12301: Default “90% Interface Throughput” Threshold Doesn’t Work
  • OIA-14: Extend Threshold configuration

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