Time flies and we have just finished our fourteenth Dev-Jam in fifteen years. We call it the fifth season- a group of full-time contributors, core community members, and power users get together for our annual OpenNMS Developers Conference. Our venue this year was the Yudof Hall on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. We are very happy and have to thank Mike Huot and his family, who make this happening for all of us very easy.

This year we got 24 people from Australia, the United States, Germany, the UK, and Canada for a whole week together - so what could go wrong?

The Dev-Jam concept is very easy, we use the time to learn, share experiences and experiment on things with others face to face. We work on stuff that we usually don't have time for and it is not as fun to dig into new things alone. To get things kicked-off, we started this year on Monday with a short introductory tutorial. The idea is to give new attendees entry points to each topic, where to start with development, and how to get things running quickly.

At the end of the week, we make very short presentations to share what we have or haven't achieved. We recorded these talks so if you are interested in certain topics, you can talk to the right people in our chat. We have added projects in Discourse and videos from results as a demo can be found on Youtube.

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