Open Source AIOps Platform, "ALEC," Streaming Telemetry, Network Traffic Analysis, and Java 11 Support

The OpenNMS Group announced the release of OpenNMS Horizon 24. Horizon 24 is the most comprehensive version of OpenNMS to date, making it one of the most powerful, scalable monitoring systems available anywhere.  Horizon 24 introduces ALEC, the first open source AIOps platform for learning enabled correlation. ALEC (Architecture for Learning Enabled Correlation) enables users to quickly detect, visualize, and resolve situations across the entire IT infrastructure. Horizon 24 organizes faults into visible situations that enables users to quickly visualize network problems and prioritize their efforts to resolution. Horizon 24 includes over 100 key updates, including streaming telemetry, network traffic analysis and support for Java 11.

“Horizon 24 combines the best of Open Source community-development and AI technologies,” said David Hustace, President, The OpenNMS Group, Inc. “Horizon 24 features have been tested in mission-critical network environments by our customers over the last eighteen months and today are delivered to the community through our open source model with the Horizon 24 release.”

Health technology company, Cerner, has been using OpenNMS as a highly scalable fault and performance management system since 2012, collaborating with The OpenNMS Group to build a monitoring fabric enriching all business applications. Most recently, the introduction of ALEC represents a vision shared between Cerner and many other large corporations and the OpenNMS community.

“The AI correlation introduced in Horizon 24, along with its streaming integration APIs, allows us to move away from proprietary solutions and helps us provide a reduced ‘Meantime to Knowledge’ for Cerner’s operations teams.”  said Jim Avazpour, Director Operations Center, Cerner Corporation.

Cool New Features:

Built to meet the needs of big data infrastructures, Horizon 24 uses machine learning technologies to achieve greater scale in IT operations, network monitoring and management.

AI Correlation Engine – Horizon 24’s ALEC, uses two machine learning algorithms including unsupervised (alarm clustering) and supervised (deep learning) built using TensorFlow.

Streaming Telemetry – OpenNMS has added support for Juniper and Cisco streaming telemetry protocols which allows devices to autonomously send performance metrics optimizing the performance of your network devices. Horizon 24 distributed streaming technologies integrate with Kafka, ElasticSearch and Grafana.

Java 11 – Horizon 24 now supports running on Java 11, including OpenJDK, thereby removing the dependencies on commercial JDK solutions for Java.

About The OpenNMS Group

“The OpenNMS Group stewards the OpenNMS open source software project and provides OpenNMS Meridian, a long term support release of OpenNMS, as well as commercial support, consulting and training services.”

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