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Apologies for missing last week but I got a bug of my own and by the time I was feeling up to writing TWiO I figured I might as well just punt to the next week. I assure you, I lived. OR DID I?

In the last few weeks we did more improvements to OCE, a number of topology improvements and fixes, and worked on updating a number of core tools including Kafka and Vaadin to newer versions. We also released Meridian 2017.1.13, 2018.1.3, and Horizon 23.0.1.

Github Project Updates

  • Internals, APIs, and Documentation
    • I wrapped up my changes to quarantine flapping tests.
    • Jesse did more work on making it easier to package up Karaf code.
    • Markus and Sebastian did more work on refactoring Daemon start/stop.
    • Jesse worked on creating packages for OCE.
    • David fixed alarm un-ack to work with old situations.
    • Chandra fixed SASL auth in the Kafka producer.
    • Antonio continued his work on a refactored topology API.
    • Chandra fixed propagating errors inside the Drools correlation engine.
    • Markus worked on getting rid of our use of the custom feature generation maven plugin.
    • Matthew updated the OCE datasource to handle alarm feedback.
    • Markus did some more updates to the single-port Netflow support.
    • Jesse worked on updating to Kafka 2.
    • Matthew continued his work on graph persistence in OCE.
    • Ronny has been working on a unified set of Docker containers for various OpenNMS projects.
    • Will Keaney updated the EIF adapter to support an additional protocol value.
    • Alejandro and Jeff made a number of configuration improvements.
    • Ronny created Docker releases for Horizon 23.0.1 (including Minion).
  • Web & UI
    • David continued his work on the topology graph UI for alarms and situations.
    • Markus worked on porting to Vaadin 8.
    • Patrick did more work on improving the performance of the topology UI.
    • I worked on updating our JS build to newer dependencies.
    • Markus fixed an issue with selecting a vertex that is not visible.
    • Markus fixed a performance issue drawing menus in the topology UI.

New Releases: Meridian 2017.1.13 and 2018.1.3, and Horizon 23.0.1

OpenNMS Meridian 2017 got a very small update, and Meridian 2018 and Horizon 23 both got bug fix and performance updates last week.

For a complete list of what has changed, see the release notes:

Upcoming Events and Appearances

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future TWiO, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last TWiO

  • HZN-814: Change eventconf for newSuspect to include location name in logmsg
  • HZN-1404: Ticketing support for situations
  • HZN-1431: Update OpennmsKafkaProducer to handle alarm feedback
  • HZN-1435: Remove feedback submission actions from Opennms so that OCE is the authoritative source of situation changes
  • HZN-1436: Packaging OpenNMS plugins
  • NMS-10363: Detect and Attempt to Restart Failed Drools Engines
  • NMS-10375: Enlinkd and Topologies under features
  • NMS-10395: Sink API drops messages when there is no connectivity with Kafka
  • NMS-10412: Remove Scale Free Topology Provider
  • NMS-10419: Find out why selecting a node takes so long in a big topology
  • NMS-10424: Handle Flapping Tests in Bamboo More Gracefully
  • NMS-10436: Cannot use SASL Authentication for kafka-producer module.
  • NMS-10437: Default Metaspace configuration is insufficient
  • NMS-10440: Remove RemotePollerMap
  • NMS-10442: Add support for external Proxy to the Slack Notification Strategy
  • NMS-10444: Enhance onms-topology-generator to support isi, ospf, lldp protocols
  • NMS-10445: Improve performance of node search
  • NMS-10450: Allow PostgreSQL 11.x
  • NMS-10451: When selecting a vertex which is neither visible nor in focus the ui state is stuck
  • NMS-10452: Building the menu takes forever if a visible node has an invalid ip address set
  • NMS-10453: "Use Default Focus" may not show the "add nodes manual" indicator if "getDefaults().getCriteria()" returns empty list rather than null
  • NMS-10455: Use MoreObjects.ToStringHelper instead of Spring ToStringCreator
  • OCE-12: Packaging & init scripts for the Kafka Event Mirrorer (KEM)
  • OCE-14: Audit and compare situations generated by OCE to other systems

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