Release 2018.1.3 is an update to Meridian 2018.1.2. It contains a number of bug fixes and a few enhancements, including additional HTTP proxy support, reliability updates, and UI performance improvements.

The codename for 2018.1.3 is Gentle breeze.

  • Other classes that use Http (Issue NMS-10379)
  • Sink API drops messages when there is no connectivity with Kafka (Issue NMS-10395)
  • Discovery UI should not allow selection of Minions as Foreign Source (Issue NMS-10400)
  • Find out why selecting a node takes so long in a big topology (Issue NMS-10419)
  • Typo in BSFMonitor Documentation (Issue NMS-10428)
  • Default Metaspace configuration is insufficient (Issue NMS-10437)
  • Improve performance of node search (Issue NMS-10445)
  • Change eventconf for newSuspect to include location name in logmsg (Issue HZN-814)
  • Be able to use Proxy for any Monitor or Collector that uses HttpClient (Issue NMS-9710)
  • Detect and Attempt to Restart Failed Drools Engines (Issue NMS-10363)

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