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Daitek Achieves Network Monitoring Excellence with OpenNMS Meridian


Daitek, a leading value-added reseller for cybersecurity, data center infrastructure, and telecommunications technologies, operates as a solutions provider in the LATAM market. Their main goal is to provide integral software solutions that enhance the productivity and efficiency of their medium and large company clients.


Daitek faced a critical challenge in finding a suitable network monitoring solution for their client, a prominent service provider in Argentina. The scale of the client's network was extensive—comprising more than 1,500 devices distributed across the entire country. The challenge was to find a platform that could effectively monitor this large and complex network, providing real-time insights, fault management, and performance analysis.

In their search for the right solution, Daitek encountered previous commercial options, but these solutions were closed and lacked interoperability. Integrating these proprietary platforms with the existing network infrastructure would have been cumbersome and limited their ability to work efficiently. Additionally, these commercial solutions did not offer the required flexibility to meet the unique needs of their client's network.


After months of research—and thorough evaluation and comparison of various open-source solutions—Daitek discovered OpenNMS Meridian. This platform proved to be the perfect fit for their client's network monitoring needs and addressed the challenges they faced through an array of powerful features:

  • Scalability and flexibility: OpenNMS Meridian demonstrated its capability to handle large-scale networks, making it an ideal choice for the extensive network infrastructure of Daitek's client. The platform's robust scalability ensured that it could accommodate the growing needs of the network without compromising performance.
  • Auto-discovery and topology discovery: A standout feature of Meridian was its ability to automatically discover devices on the network. This eliminated the need for manual intervention when adding new devices to the monitoring system, saving time and effort for Daitek's technical team. Moreover, the platform's topology discovery feature automatically mapped and understood the network layout, including relationships between different network elements, providing a comprehensive view of the network's structure.
  • Support for multiple protocols: Compatibility with various network protocols—such as SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow, and ICMP—ensured that Daitek could monitor a wide range of devices and services across the network. This flexibility allowed them to efficiently monitor different types of equipment, making it easier to address potential issues across various elements of the infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities: OpenNMS Meridian offers a diverse set of network monitoring functionalities, including device monitoring, bandwidth utilization analysis, traffic monitoring, resource usage tracking, and latency measurement. These comprehensive monitoring capabilities gave Daitek the ability to gain deep insights into their client's network, enabling proactive identification and resolution of potential issues.
  • Open source philosophy and community support: Being an open-source platform, Meridian aligned well with Daitek's values, emphasizing transparency, collaboration, and accessible source code. The passionate community surrounding OpenNMS provided valuable support and resources, enhancing the platform's reliability and fostering continuous improvement.

By adopting OpenNMS Meridian as their network monitoring solution, Daitek successfully overcame the challenge of effectively monitoring their client's extensive network. The platform's scalability, flexibility, and diverse features allowed Daitek to deliver a robust, customer-centric solution that met their client's specific needs and laid the foundation for their continued success in the LATAM market.

Business outcomes

Daitek successfully deployed OpenNMS Meridian on their client's network infrastructure in 2023, transforming their network monitoring practices and achieving several business outcomes:

  • Efficient monitoring: With Meridian's scalable and flexible architecture, Daitek gained centralized visibility over the entire network, making it easier to identify outages, faulty equipment, and network performance errors.
  • Proactive management: Meridian's auto-discovery and topology discovery features allowed Daitek to proactively detect and resolve network issues, reducing downtime and service disruptions for their client.
  • Cost savings: By using a centralized, agnostic monitoring solution like Meridian, Daitek eliminated the need for multiple proprietary platforms aimed at monitoring specific equipment, resulting in savings for their client.
  • Improved productivity: The centralized nature of Meridian's monitoring solution led to time savings and improved productivity in the operational area, enabling the team to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Customization and granularity: The level of customization and granularity in Meridian allowed Daitek to meet their client's specific needs and adapt the solution to future requirements seamlessly.


Thanks to OpenNMS Meridian, Daitek successfully provided a robust and scalable network monitoring solution. Through OpenNMS Meridian's capabilities, Daitek achieved their objective of delivering efficient solutions that drive productivity and operational excellence for their clients. The success of this project has also positioned Daitek as a reliable and capable service provider, influencing other companies to consider OpenNMS for their network monitoring needs. With a strong community, continuous support, and outstanding features, OpenNMS Meridian has proven to be a game-changer for Daitek and their client's network management endeavors.

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