OpenNMS On the Horizon – July 22nd, 2019 – Bug Fixes, Thresholding, Kafka, OpenNMS & Helm UI Improvements

It’s time for OpenNMS On the Horizon! In the last week we fixed bugs in preparation for release day, and continued to work on thresholding and Kafka backend code, as well as a number of OpenNMS and Helm UI improvements. Github Project Updates Internals, APIs, and Documentation Dustin did more work on supporting service wildcarding in [...]

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OpenNMS On the Horizon – June 17th, 2019 – Flow Hostname Resolution, Helm and UI Enhancements, and More!

In the last two weeks we worked on a number of flow-related changes including bug fixing, resolving hostnames, and new Helm features. We also worked on a number of other UI enhancements relating to topology graphs, reporting, and authentication.

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This Week in OpenNMS – April 1st, 2019 – CircleCI, OCE Testing, Bug Fixes, Helm and OpenNMS UI, Java 11, and more!

It's time for This Week in OpenNMS! In the last week we worked on a new continuous integration workflow, better end-to-end OCE testing, lots of bug fixes, Helm and OpenNMS UI improvements, and more updates for modern Java support. Github Project Updates Internals, APIs, and Documentation Matt continued his work on integrating the OCE end-to-end test [...]

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Grafana Performance Dashboards

As Administrator it is sometimes necessary to diagnose performance characteristics between different servers. There are two diagnostic dashboards which can be used to compare performance metrics from SNMP agents running on Microsoft Windows and Linux. The performance metrics are collected with the out-of-the box configuration on a OpenNMS Horizon and OpenNMS Meridian and are published on the Grafana dashboard repository. [...]

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